Chet Says

Posted 5/20/99

Tears are a common expression for all humans over the entire world of how the body …

By Chet Miller


Tears are a common expression for all humans over the entire world of how the body …

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Chet Says


Tears are a common expression for all humans over the entire world of how the body …

By Chet Miller


Tears are a common expression for all humans over the entire world of how the body does feel. Whether the persons are old, young or middle age, rich or poor, whatever the ethnic background or the color of skin, the language of tears are alike.

Hard to measure the tears shed at the Littleton, Colorado school massacre. Probably more tears of compassion shed from people around the world not directly involved than even from those closely involved. The hearts from a host of people were touched with tender-heartedness when hearing of the abhorable fiasco that took place.

Equally, many hearts go out to the displaced persons experiencing gruesome and horrible happenings in the country of Kosovo. The brutality conveyed on innocent people causing tears to flow freely from people around the world.

Even we as adults, seem to be apologetic when our emotions are displayed by tears, we should remember God gave man a wonderful gift when he gave us, through tears, the expressions of how we feel. We might not think it is so phenomenal, but really it is.

Having just celebrated in respect and reverence, Mother’s Day, many of us have again shared tears of joy and appreciation for what our mothers have meant to us.

Probably no segment of humanity has shed more tears of joy and sadness that mothers have. Tears of joy when the offspring were obedient, helpful, respectful and attaining good or excellent achievements in life. With that many heartaches and tears flowing freely over the deaths or separations of any of their children whether yet in the womb or already in adulthood.

Over the years a segment of society has somehow implanted in the minds of some people that big boys don’t cry, or it is not macho to cry.

Many people have had discouragement, lamenting and shedding tears from results of various gossip making its speedy rounds wherever inconsiderate persons care so little for the truth, when the results of their own imaginations feed their thirst for scandal.

Even in times of catastrophes, when people do suffer, dignitaries and even hardened criminals do show their feelings by the shedding of tears.

It is remarkable how tears are inner expressions of both sorrow and joy. Either one, tears are a beautiful language for all mankind. When we face others with tears we positively know the feeling of their deep inner being. Exactly opposite of facial expressions of smiles or frowns, which can easily be put on, deceiving those around them.

Even Esau in Bible times, selling his birthright for a bowl of soup, found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears. Heb. 12:17

Cain killing his brother, then being a marked people, rejected by many brought many tears to his generations down through the thousands of years.

The shortest verse in the bible, portrays a tremendous mourning and tearful expression, “Jesus wept”. Later on at the crucifixion, many tears were shed by his followers. Since, much has been written and expressions through music. Man of Sorrow, what a name, it is finished was His cry,” written by Philip Paul Bliss, 1875.

A small tear relieves a great sorrow. Repentant tears wash out the stain of guilt.

We need not be ashamed to shed tears as tears are a cleansing for much of our innerbeing, a soothing of the hurting in our body, soul and spirit.

Evidence in the elegance of tears, a beautiful flower is named, “tear drop.”

Rev 21:4

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.