Chet Says: Bearing Fruit

By Chet Miller
Posted 5/27/99

At this time of the year, there is much planting done of many different things, expecting they will bear fruit.

God commanded man, by the sweat of the brow, to till the soil and plant the seeds, …

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Chet Says: Bearing Fruit


At this time of the year, there is much planting done of many different things, expecting they will bear fruit.

God commanded man, by the sweat of the brow, to till the soil and plant the seeds, with the promise that for all times there will be weeds to eradicate, and then enjoy the fruit produced. It is indeed remarkable and impressive the majestic beauty of flowers, fruits, vegetables, corn, wheat and the aroma of fresh cut hay. Harvesting the fruit of our labors is rewarding and refreshing indeed.

At times, some companies and persons, if allowed, would harvest the magnificent trees within the various forests. These are the people wanting to question the good of trees if not harvested, but trees are of more value than just for the eyes of the beholders. The beautiful trees are invaluable, precious and almost priceless for the much needed balance of oxygen they shed forth into the atmosphere, making life much more enjoyable for man and beast.

People born and living in the inner cities miss the opportunity of enjoying the planting and growth, plus seeing the bearing of fruit.

Although not only does the earth bear fruit, but the row houses, apartments, pavement and sidewalks also bear fruit, people, the most important fruit there is.

The greatest fruit is human lives, be they children, adolescents, youth, middle age or the aged. Fruit of the womb, children are a heritage of the Lord, and we dare not ignore or forget that society needs the vitality and vision and input from youth. Jesus said, we need to become as children to be the greatest.

For many years, proponents of the financial institutes have advertised that proper investments bear much fruit for those exercising their proper plans. A story: A father told his son, “Money doesn’t grow on tress.”

“Yes, but it comes out of machines,” the son replied.

A very important bearing of fruit comes from our schools or educational institutes. When students attend schools, the seed is planted in the minds, and with proper guidance and cultivation of caring and sharing, the human person can bear fruit for a life that is worthwhile.

Magnificent and miraculous it is that by planting one kernel of corn, fruit can be borne one-hundred fold or more. Truth it is that the kernel must first die before any growth and bearing of fruit.

Sad it is that many times there needs to be a disaster of kinds, people being hurt, loss of property, ill health and often death to bring out the fruit of some people. It is heartening though when people lay aside almost everything, putting the resources of material things and their own selves for service to others. Life is bearing fruit when in service to others.

In a sorry state we are, as a society, by the planting of violence through news, television, computer games, books and a host of other things, we are bearing the fruit of hate, killing, anguish and pain. Whatever we plant, we harvest the same. Plant violence, the fruit is violence. Plant envy and hate, the fruit is envy and hate. But plant love, forgiveness and service, and that will be the kind of fruit we will bear.

With all the hype, allurement and attraction advertised connected to the new sequel to Star Wars, there seemingly is an immense amount of planting in the minds of the youth as well as adults of our nation the seeds of fiction, mysticism, killing and an unreal world.

What is planted, similar fruit will be harvested. Have we not learned by the recent sour fruit we have harvested by the recent school massacres?

Galatians 6:7

Be not deceived, God is not mocked; whatsoever a man sows, that he will also reap.