Chet Says: Freedom

Posted 7/15/99

Let freedom ring. Before sirens and other communications, bells were used to relay messages of im…

By Chet Miller

Let freedom ring. Before sirens and other communications, bells were used to …

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Chet Says: Freedom


Let freedom ring. Before sirens and other communications, bells were used to relay messages of im…

By Chet Miller

Let freedom ring. Before sirens and other communications, bells were used to relay messages of importance. The message could be for a warning of impending disaster. The ringing of the bell could also bring good news.

Probably the phrase, “Let freedom ring,” came about when the famous Liberty Bell at Philadelphia tolled the good news of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In the early years of our nation, church bells were used for the call to worship.

Recently, celebrating July 4 as Independence Day does leave a pleasant ring in our hearts and minds. The people of the United States can hardly fathom the freedom we do experience. Hard it is to really understand how the early forefathers felt when escaping the tenacious rule of another country. One of the most important goals for those was the separation of Church and State. Thus giving all people the freedom of worship. Today, many years later, we still enjoy the freedom of believing, the freedom to exercise the faith we embrace and to follow Who we believe is the Truth.

We have the freedom to give of our tithes and offerings to those we choose. With that, we have the privilege to give to any nonprofit organization, whether religious or secular, and being recognized by our government, granting us a reduction in taxes paid.

We can also have the freedom to move when and where we please. No hassles at state lines completely across this great country from north to south or from east to west.

With this freedom of privilege, we still need to respect others by obeying the laws and doing all things in order. Too often, we chafe at the officers of the law when we step over the line, receiving summons to pay the fine. That is part of the cost of enjoying our freedom.

A freedom we should appreciate is, our culture does promote the choice of spouse we desire when choosing a life partner.

Until now, but maybe in jeopardy, is the choice of doctors, medication and the medical institution we desire.

In the agriculture community, “The Freedom to Farm” legislation was publicized as the utopia for the agriculture woes, but to their dismay, an overabundance of commodities drove the prices to the lowest in years, bringing devastation to the economics of farmers across the land.

Our society does by and large enjoy the freedom of choice, when choosing a profession or job across these United States.

With open job or profession rights, people legally have the freedom to trample, manipulate or even coerce people in climbing the ladder of success in a financial way. Sad it is that such a happening is too prevalent in our society today and, sorry it is, being applauded and honored today.

Probably next in importance is the freedom of speech we enjoy. We can almost freely grumble and complain about our government, without fear of being arrested. We can have freedom of speech as long as it is not racist, slander or demeaning of character.

Phenomenal it is, the freedom of choosing the food we consume. When observing in our supermarkets, the immense amount and variety of food we can choose from, and with that, costing only 11% of the average income. No country in the world enjoys this freedom.

We also have the freedom to spend, to save, to hoard as well as being encouraged to choose to lay up treasures for retirement.

In our life, we do have the freedom to soar like the eagle or flutter like a chicken.

We have the privilege of having the freedom from sin. Too often we, by our selfish choosing, are caught in the grip of trouble, making it hard to escape to the freedom of the mind we so desire.

We had no choice where or to whom we were born. We do have the gift of choice, which it is entirely up to each individual to make the best choices available.

Look at the Albanians, comparing their situation with ours, it is as far apart as the North and South Poles. They have the freedom to return, under the auspices of the United Nations. What is their freedom? Freedom to go back to what?

Freedom is not altogether free. We must give and take, even in the life of freedom. The only true freedom is the freedom from sin through Jesus Christ the Saviour.

1 Corinthians 2:12 - Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God.