City of Lone Tree


city of lone tree
July 01, 2024

Mayor Spilman called to order at 5:30 PM the regular meeting of the Lone Tree City Council at Lone Tree City Hall with Ford, Zadow and Gluba present. Gluba, Zadow motioned to approve the agenda as presented. CARRIED 3-0. Ford, Gluba motioned to approve the consent agenda (minutes, reports, bills, etc). CARRIED 3-0. Water samples were read from 122 Wapsi Ave and 302 N DeVoe St, both reported safe and filed.
Zadow, Ford motioned to update park bathrooms to stainless steel sinks and toilets. Starting with one bathroom in each North Park and Dougherty Park. Not to exceed $5,000. CARRIED 3-0.
Ford, Gluba motioned to fill council vacancies by appointment at August regular council meeting. CARRIED 3-0.
Zadow, Gluba motioned to approve LTBP renewal of class E retail alcohol license. CARRIED 3-0.
Zadow, Gluba motioned to approve Resolution 2024-J designating areas for fall festival. CARRIED 3-0.
Ford, Zadow motioned to approved Resolution 2024-K the preliminary plat for North Park Estates. CARRIED 3-0.
Ford, Gluba motioned to purchase one sign per park (3 signs total) from Amazon requesting residents to pick up after their dogs. CARRIED 3-0.
Ford, Zadow motioned to have clerk look into other plan options for Delta Dental before renewing current plan. CARRIED 3-0.
Ford, Gluba motioned to adjourn at 6:10 PM. CARRIED 3-0.

AGVANTAGE FS $260.49, fuel
CHAD MULLINNIX $227.22, reimbursement/clothing allowance
COBB OIL CO, INC $695.83, fuel & food supplies
DIANE FELLOWS $18.73, reimbursement/food supplies sr dining
ELAINIA AMUNDSON $78.31, reimbursement/food supplies sr dining
ESTATE OF FRANCES MUSSER $50.00, deposit return
ION ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS $6,600.00, WWTF & water plant management
IOWA ONE CALL $27.90, locates
JOHNSON CO SHERIFF’S OFFICE $5,520.67, police contract
JOSH FORBES $250.00, reimbursement/clothing allowance
LIGHTING MAINTENANCE, INC $1,193.40, service call siren
LONE TREE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE $2,000.00, yearly commitment of funds
LONE TREE COMMUNITY SCHOOL $8,474.00, library services agreement
MATHESON TRI-GAS INC $483.51, refill tanks
MENARDS $389.95, park supplies
MUNICIPAL SUPPLY, INC $410.81, manhole riser
PERFORMANCE FOODSERVICE $2,128.25, food supplies/sr dining
STANDARD PEST CONTROL $35.00, spray com bldg. & city hall
THE NEWS $101.15, legals
WINDSTREAM $233.53, WWTF internet & phone/water plant phone
FAREWAY MEAT & GROCERY $714.83, food supplies
JOHNSON COUNTY REFUSE INC $9,328.50, refuse contract
US CELLULAR $73.64, public works cell phones
VISA $816.39, food supplies/sr dining, office supplies, website renewal
WINDSTREAM ENTERPRISE $42.19. city hall phone
ALLIANT ENERGY $7,161.36, street lights & electrical
DELTA DENTAL OF IOWA $112.78, employee premium
EASTERN IOWA LIGHT & POWER $317.22, street light & lift station electrical
IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES $80.70, park & cemetery signs
WELLMARK $6,385.35, employee premium
WINDSTREAM $442.62, com bldg phone/city hall & shop internet
IOWA FINANCE AUTHORITY $595,325.00, principal payment
IOWA FINANCE AUTHORITY $140,760.00, principal payment
FARMERS & MERCHANTS SAVINGS BANK $37.45, stop payment of check
IA DEPT OF REV $1,289.85, Q2 state withholding payment
IPERS $2,273.15, IPERS payment
IRS $2,977.60, FICA payment
JUNE PAYROLL $14,576.29, all employees

GENERAL FUND $11,276.67 $41,187.94
ROAD USE TAX $21,636.28 $7,307.37
LOST $27,183.69 $0
TIF $294.47 $0
WATER FUND $12,060.90 $7,290.06
SEWER FUND $18,342.99 $10,804.80
SEWER REVENUE $11,236.11 $140,760.00
REFUSE FUND $10,341.50 $9,268.50
TRUST & AGENCY $0 $50.00
DEBT SERVICE $0 $595,325.00
CEM TRUST $200.00 $0
TOTALS $112,572.61 811,993.67
Cash On Hand $3,119,820.63
Sav Cert $298,564.55


Submitted for publication 07-02-2024

Published in The News, Thursday, July 4, 2024 L-138