“Housekeeping” and basketballconcern Kalona’s City Council

By Mary Zielinski
Posted 3/4/99

It was a toss-up Monday between basketball and building “housekeeping” as the major concerns during a short Kalona City Council meeting.

With the Mid-Prairie High School Girls Basketball Team …

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“Housekeeping” and basketballconcern Kalona’s City Council


It was a toss-up Monday between basketball and building “housekeeping” as the major concerns during a short Kalona City Council meeting.

With the Mid-Prairie High School Girls Basketball Team playing in the State Tournament Wednesday, the council agreed that city offices could close at 11:30 a.m that day. The city clerk, city administrator and others plan to attend the game.

City Clerk Karen Christner said that “we take it as a personal vacation day.”

If the team wins, they play again Friday, and the council agreed that a second closing could take place. Members agreed that most of the town probably will be in Des Moines anyway.

The situation could repeat itself next week if either or both the Mid-Prairie and Iowa Mennonite School boys teams make it to state.

“We’ll worry about that then,” said City Administrator Doug Morgan.

Roof repairs

After tabling further consideration of a building inspection contract pending further information from the city attorney, the council learned that repairs need to be made to the Community Center roof.

“We have had spot repairs,” said Morgan, “but I think we need to look at the whole roof. There have been leaks in the gym and dining room, as well as other places.”

He stressed that it probably is time to replace the entire roof that was installed in 1982.

He said that earlier inspections indicated that the sheeting may have to be replaced.

The council agreed that the work needs to be done.


Morgan also noted that it would be a good idea to purchase two commercial type treadmills for use in the Recreation Department’s exercise room. The $1,449 price tag is “a good deal,” he said, noting that “prices for the next models will go up by $500 to $600.”

The council authorized Morgan to arrange for purchase of the items.

The council also discussed the sending of notices to residents who have allowed garbage to accumulate in large piles on their property, a violation of city ordinances. They also learned that the city will sell used equipment at Duwa’s Auction.

The items include a mower and similar equipment.

Morgan reported that Alliant Utilities “have promised that they will have the light poles repainted and back before the start of the quilt show.”

The annual Kalona Quilt Show & Sale is April 23-24.

Alliant began repainting the poles last fall.

“When will we have the banners back up,” asked Councilman Dave Droz, referring to the Welcome to Kalona Banners provided by the Kalona Chamber of Commerce.

“We plan to get them back very soon,” said Morgan.

Morgan also suggested that the city look at some form of self-priming diaphragm pump that could be used in extreme weather conditions. When the main broke in January, there were problems pumping water out of the hole because of the sub-zero temperatures.

He also told the council that repairs were made at the water plant where the system had to be operated manually for a period of time.

The council also agreed to continue the current cemetery mowing contract with provisions for a $5 increase in the per mowing charge.

Morgan also told the council that repairs have to be made at two shelters in the Kalona City Park.

“The concrete in both of them cracked this winter and it is raised up enough to cause problems.”

Morgan said he will attend the annual Institute of Public Affairs March 24-26 in Iowa City, noting that “I have always gotten something valuable from it.”

Sheriff Yale Jarvis was at the meeting briefly, noting that there have been communications problems with the repeater for Kalona calls.

He said that nothing is definite yet about pursuing a new safety (communications) center for the county.

However, there have been some recent committee meetings.