Johnson County

March 21, 2024


Cost of this publiction: 287.22
Fiscal year to date cost
(as of 7/1/23): 11,899.02
MARCH 21, 2024
Ordinances adopted by the Board of Supervisors are only summarized in the published minutes; the full text may be inspected at the Office of the County Auditor, 913 S. Dubuque Street, Iowa City, Mon. thru Fri., between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and at
Chairperson Sullivan called the Johnson County Board of Supervisors to order in the Johnson County Health and Human Services Boardroom at 9:00 a.m. Members present: V Fixmer-Oraiz, Jon Green*, Lisa Green-Douglass, Royceann Porter*, and Rod Sullivan.
*Denotes electronic participation.
Unless otherwise noted, all actions were taken unanimously.
Motion by Green-Douglass, second by Fixmer-Oraiz, to approve the claims on the Auditor’s Claim Register for March 21, 2024.
Access Technologies Inc 39.21
Adam M Gebhart 227.48
Advanced Business Syste 75.73
Aging Services Dba Pat 700.00
Airgas Usa Llc 277.12
Alissa Schuerer 136.00
Allison M Wells 37.93
Alterations 174.00
Amazon.Com Capital Se 1422.95
Amelia Slaichert 75.71
Amn Language Services 113.24
Anderson Cemetery 180.00
Bh Orchard And Woodlan 700.00
Blain Cemetery 22.00
Bob Barker Company Inc 608.00
Bob Wood 16.00
Bound Tree Medical L 16230.09
Bremer County 38392.84
Buchanan County Audi 90706.43
Ccl Supply 623.27
Centurylink 126.10
Charles Heath 700.00
Charm-Tex Inc 531.86
Cierra Lacina 26.00
City Of Iowa City 20.00
City Of Iowa City - Lan 54.38
City Of Iowa City - Ut 323.52
City Of Iowa City-Acc 8518.99
City Of North Liberty 64.98
City Tractor Co 70.22
Clia Laboratory Progra 297.00
Community Crisis Serv 4389.60
Consumers Cooperative 3279.99
Corporate Translation S 45.66
County Of Linn 154217.18
Coverttrack Group Inc 600.00
Custom Hose & Supplies 286.77
Cypress Solutions Inc 58.00
Danielle Pettit Majews 168.43
Dans Overhead Doors 421.50
Ddcbkb Llc 850.00
Deborah M Skelton 309.30
Deborah Vandergaast 95.14
Deery Brothers 54863.00
Delaware County 66709.06
Delta Dental Of Iowa 9060.84
Dkc Real Estate Llc 700.00
Dream City 2029.95
Dubuque County Audi 127341.35
East Central Iowa Cou 7715.64
Eastern Iowa Light & Po 20.25
Edward Alan Kasper 16.00
Election Systems & S 44491.39
Elite K-9 Inc 141.60
Ellipsis Inc 1352.85
Emily Benzing 26.00
Erin Reynolds 78804.49
Eversull Square Lc 512.50
Fareway Stores Inc 87.82
Four Oaks Family And C 375.00
Galls Llc 84.35
Gannett Iowa Localiq 415.37
Gee Properties 700.00
Glenwood Phoenix Condo 850.00
Goodfellow Printing In 274.00
Grant Wood Aea 4854.84
Graybill Communicatio 1092.20
Grinnell Regional Medi 465.60
Hacap 6321.08
Handicare Inc 666.67
Harrys Custom Trophies 487.80
Hawkeye Weld & Repair 350.00
Heartland Shredding In 241.00
Hemocue America/Radio 1168.00
Henry County Sheriff’ 5460.00
Henry Schein 1183.96
Hospers & Brother Prin 441.68
Hy-Vee #1281 1053.67
Ic Housing Group Llc 800.00
Impact7g Inc 15374.23
Ines Beltre 935.60
Insight Public Secto 25918.58
Interactive Data Llc 235.00
Iowa County Auditor 22372.95
Iowa County Sheriff’s O 43.00
Iowa Paper Inc 1113.25
Iowa River Mobile Home 450.00
Iowa Valley Rc&D 24209.99
Irish Reporting Inc 229.80
J&S Plumbing Heating A 530.85
James L Jurgensen 68.40
Jasro Llc 2350.00
Jefferson Point Apart 1310.00
Jennifer Miller 205.69
Jim Tandy 16.00
Johnson Controls Inc 2747.40
Johnson County Ambulanc 50.00
Johnson County Audi 175420.58
Johnson County Audito 6907.48
Johnson County Refuse 1260.60
Johnson County Seats 17637.62
Johnson County Second 1767.92
Johnson County Sheriff 931.64
Jones County Audito 131941.34
Jz Orchard Holdings Ll 700.00
Katrina Rudish 196.62
Kce Champions Llc Sit 1440.00
Kelderman Manufacturin 115.45
Kimball Midwest 2909.18
Kirkwood Community Col 458.00
Linn County Rec 266.50
Linn County Treasurer 2083.33
Lionheart Early Learni 500.00
Little Clippers Child 600.00
Mac Real Estate Llc 1400.00
Madison National Life 5017.49
Mail Services Llc 4801.90
Mailboxes Of Iowa City 12.85
Mccomas Lacina Cons 497586.25
Mckesson Medical Surgic 54.92
Mechanical Service 1251.84
Medline Industries In 1230.00
Menards - Iowa City 330.94
Mid American Energy 4842.96
Midwest Janitorial Se 3333.83
Mobil 1 Lube Express 50.92
Naccho 1020.00
Napa Auto Parts 129.76
Nathan Savage 147.40
Nest Property Manageme 700.00
Newegg Business Inc 4960.75
Office Express Office 228.19
Office Machine Consulta 60.21
Onmedia Cedar Rapids 1512.14
Opn Inc Dba Opn Arch 11624.92
Optilink Llc 1490.00
Pet Health Center Of T 514.80
Pigott Inc 15547.50
Prince Of Peace Luther 760.00
Progressive Rehabilitat 78.00
Purple Bloom School L 1976.41
Push Pedal Pull 1898.52
Quadient Finance Usa I 714.06
Quality Home Repair L 1200.00
Qualtrics Llc 43107.75
Rachel Quinlan 16.00
Rachel Quinn 16.08
Rapids Reproductions 1075.13
Redfinch Investments L 700.00
Rexco Equipment Iowa Ci 82.62
River Products Co 17631.21
Robert D Winstead 227.48
Robert Half Technolog 6878.11
Sam Jarvis 120.00
Scott Rentals Llc 750.00
Seat Treasurer 300.00
Sharon Telephone Comp 1159.84
Shoemaker & Haaland 1485.00
Shueyville Cemetery As 144.00
South Slope Coop Comm 1500.22
Southgate Property Ma 1600.00
Spok Inc 62.96
State Of Iowa 500.00
Stericycle 721.27
Streichers 3505.81
Stryker Medical 1578.18
Successful Living 410.00
Sulek Cemetery Associat 26.00
Tac10 Inc 84394.00
Tailwind Iowa City Ll 1240.00
Tanager Place 52.78
The Lodge Apartments 1400.00
Thomson Reuters-West 112.47
Treasurer State Of Io 1218.75
Trizetto Provider Sol 1416.33
Ubben Building Supplie 780.00
Ui Diagnostic Labora 39199.40
United States Postal 15000.00
Unitypoint Health 26338.80
University Of Iowa 406.15
University Of Iowa De 2103.25
University Of Iowa Hos 644.00
Us Cellular 1837.86
Van Meter Industrial In 21.25
Verizon Wireless 240.06
Visa 19830.50
Wellmark Blue Cross 175000.00
Wendling Quarries Inc 330.55
West Liberty Telephone 470.76
Westwinds Real Estate 1330.00
Woodward Community Med 874.68
Motion by Green-Douglass, second by Fixmer-Oraiz, to approve the minutes of the Formal Meeting of March 14, 2024.
Motion by Green-Douglass, second by Fixmer-Oraiz, to approve the payroll authorizations submitted by department heads and elected officials, as approved by a majority of the Supervisors.
Motion by Fixmer-Oraiz, second by Green-Douglass, to approve a one-time retention incentive payment of $3,000 to the Board Office Executive Director Guillermo Morales. Porter questioned why this agenda item wasn’t discussed during a Work Session Meeting. Sullivan said the Board discussed why the retention is being granted during closed session, and those discussions are considered confidential. Porter disagreed, stating that employee wages can be discussed publicly. Zimmerman-Smith confirmed that wages are for public discussion, but information discussed during closed session employee evaluations are not. Officials discussed the one-time retention incentive payment. Zimmerman-Smith proposed the Board vote on the agenda item today, and recommended discussion on the procedure for incentive payments at a future meeting. Roll call: Aye: Fixmer-Oraiz, Green, Green-Douglass, Sullivan. Nay: Porter.
Motion by Green-Douglass, second by Fixmer-Oraiz, to approve the application for alcohol license for Hy-Vee Inc., as contained in the agenda packet for this meeting.
ORDINANCE NO. 03-21-24-01
Zoning Application
Summary: The purpose of this ordinance is to amend the Johnson County Unified Development Ordinance by changing the classification of the real estate described below from A-Agricultural to AG-T-Agritourism, located in Monroe Township to wit:
Commencing at the NW corner of Section 11, T81N, R7W of the 5th P.M., thence N90°00’00”W, 180.00 feet along the north line of Section 10, T81N, R7W to the point of beginning; thence S1°34’10”E, 770.62 feet; thence S86°24’01”E, 154.05 feet to a point on the west line of Section 11; thence S0°22’41”W, 1879.66 feet along the west line of said section to the West 1/4 corner of Section 11; thence S89°38’36”E, 661.43 feet; thence N0°43’26”E, 2663.94 feet along an existing fence to a point on the north line of Section 11, T81N, R7W; thence N90°00’00”W, along said north line 857.52 feet to the point of beginning. Said Tract A containing 43.88 acres more or less is hereby changed from A-Agricultural to AG-T-Agritourism. Effective Date: After its passage, approval, and publication as part of the proceedings of the Board of Supervisors. Motion by Green-Douglass, second by Fixmer-Oraiz, to approve the proposed ordinance associated with Zoning Application PZC-23-28461 on third and final consideration and approve Ordinance No. 03-21-24-01 amending the Johnson County Unified Development Ordinance. Roll call: Aye: Fixmer-Oraiz, Green, Green-Douglass, Porter, Sullivan.
Motion by Fixmer-Oraiz, second by Green-Douglass, to approve the 2024-2028 (Fiscal Year 2025-2029) Five-Year Construction Program, Maintenance Rehabilitation Program, Right-of-Way Needs Map, and Future Projects List.
Motion by Fixmer-Oraiz, second by Green-Douglass, to approve the Fiscal Year 2025 Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Reimbursement from MH/DS of the East Central Region for County Employees, between the Governing Board of the Mental Health/Disability Services of the East Central Region of Iowa and the Johnson County Board of Supervisors.
Motion by Green-Douglass, second by Fixmer-Oraiz, to accept the bid of $333,047.50 and award a contract to the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder, Binns & Stevens, Oskaloosa, for the 2024 Dust Control Safety Program.
Motion by Green-Douglass, second by Fixmer-Oraiz, to accept the bid of $727,670.00 and award a contract to from the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder, L.L. Pelling Company, Inc., North Liberty, for the 2024 Bituminous Resurfacing (Seal Coat) Program.
Porter arrived in person at 9:26 a.m.
Closed Session
Motion by Fixmer-Oraiz second by Green-Douglass, to enter closed session at 9:35 a.m., pursuant to Iowa Code Section 21.5(1)(c), to discuss strategy with counsel in matters that are presently in litigation or where litigation is imminent where its disclosure would be likely to prejudice or disadvantage the position of the governmental body in that litigation. Roll call: Aye: Fixmer-Oraiz, Green, Green-Douglass, Porter, and Sullivan.
Recessed at 9:36 a.m.; reconvened at 9:41 a.m.
Motion by Fixmer-Oraiz, second by Green-Douglass, to leave the closed session at 9:59 a.m. Roll call: Aye: Fixmer-Oraiz, Green, Green-Douglass, Porter, and Sullivan.
Adjourned at 9:59 a.m.
/s/ Rod Sullivan, Chair, Board of Supervisors
/s/ Attest: Travis Weipert, Auditor
On the 28th day of March, 2024
Recorded by Auditor’s Office: Marly Melsh, Executive Clerk to the Board
These minutes were sent for formal approval and publication on March 28, 2024.

Published in The News, Thursday, April 4, 2024 L-328 O184