Sheriff’s raise is unjustified


While most of us see miniscule raises, if any, each year, take a look at the Washington County Sheriffs raise. A whooping 35%! The raise is in no way justified and should be considered an absurd waste of taxpayers’ money. While most of us struggle paycheck to paycheck he has his feet kicked up counting his money.

I was a Teamsters steward and collective bargaining negotiator. I negotiated with Cargill, the largest privately held company in the United States. A company with much deeper pockets than the taxpayers in Washington county. We certainly never saw a 35% raise for actually doing work. Usually, we struggled to achieve an honest cost of living increase. We did receive a 4% raise on one occasion but never approached double digits.

The Sheriff of this small county is making money hand over fist for what? Taking reports and doing little or nothing about them? Ask him his stance on underage drinking, he appears to have no problem with it. Turning a blind eye when his deputies break the law, you bet, on multiple occasions. The county Supervisors need held accountable for this gross misuse of public funds too. I would suggest we vote them out next election, along with the Sheriff.

If we want to constantly complain about taxation, maybe we should do something about it and go right to the root of the problem. Money certainly doesn’t grow on trees in my yard, surely it doesn’t in your yard either.

35%. Unbelievable. Intolerable. Outrageous. Let’s put a stop to it.


Matt Meisheid