WCHC Creates $41 million Impact on Local Economy


Washington County Hospital and Clinics is a pertinent part of our community and offers “More Than You Expect” by delivering excellent care to the community and promoting the stability and growth of the county’s economy. Each year, the Iowa Hospital Association publishes a report documenting the importance of health care to the local economy and this year’s study illustrates how WCHC offers more to the greater community.

“We are proud of the many positive ways Washington County Hospital and Clinics impacts our community,” stated Todd Patterson, CEO at WCHC. “Whether its high-quality patient care, excellent employment opportunities or investment in the local economy, WCHC provides more than you expect.”

The Iowa Hospital Association’s study compiles information on how Iowa hospitals impact the state’s economy, using data from the American Hospital Association. The study projects how each hospital stimulates its local economy through jobs maintained, income paid to employees, total community benefits and the effect of hospital total expense on total output in state economy. Washington County Hospital and Clinics is credited for being a major contributor to the local economy, with an impact of approximately $41 million in the past year. WCHC’s impact is attributed to:

305 direct jobs with an additional 277 jobs indirectly tied to hospital operations

$25.4 million in direct worker compensation with an additional $15.7 million of worker income tied to hospital operations

$1.4 million in Total Community Benefits

$78.56 Million in Effect of Hospital Total Expense on Total Output in State Economy

Aside from WCHC’s direct impact, caring for the county includes proper stewarding of public funding which WCHC has received through approved tax funds since 1910. With this in mind, at WCHC’s Board of Trustees meeting, it was approved to keep the tax rate at $1 per $1,000 valuation; a rate that has not been raised for 19 years.

WCHC continues to evolve and grow to provide the broader community the best in quality healthcare by expanding services and recruiting new providers as well as building an infrastructure to be an economic driver supporting local initiatives. WCHC will proudly uphold the promise to deliver “More Than You Expect” now and for years to come.


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