Thanks to our Emergency medical services


This week’s issue of The News features a special salute to the volunteer emergency medical services and the Washington County Ambulance Service with photos of those servies.  Thanks to all the advertisers who appreciate the services by helping to sponsor those services of Kalona, Wellman, Riverside and Lone Tree.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to utilize these services during an emergency medical situation understands how valuable these services are.

Helen and I had occasion this past year to call E911 center for the first time.

Helen had a vertigo attack one evening.  Unable to help her, I called the E911 service in Washington to request an ambulance.

Soon after that call went out, a member of the Kalona 1st Responders who lives a short distance from us, was at our front door to offer help until the ambulance personnel arrived.  The Kalona 1st responders arrived in short order and the Washington County Ambulance arrived almost as quickly.

Now that the Washington County ambulance has its North Base in the Southtown (former Shiloh property) subdivision, the response time of the Washington Ambulance to answer a call in the Kalona, Wellman and Riverside area has been reduced by over 12 minutes. See page 9A.

Both the Kalona 1st Responders and Washington Ambulance personnel were very caring and very professional. They were able to calm Helen and transport her to Mercy Hospital in Iowa City where she was treated and released  that evening.

All area residents should be thankful for all the EMS volunteers who are so willing to give of their time for training and emergency calls.


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